Product Types
Senior Apartments

Senior Apartments are designed for seniors who are able to care for themselves independently, but may or may not need additional services beyond the rental of their unit.  Senior Apartments can be simply a multifamily building that restricts the age of the resident, but provides no additional services.  Or, as South Bay Partners has opted to develop, Senior Apartments can also provide additional services such as meals, housekeeping, linen service and transportation.  These additional services would typically be charged via a la carte pricing or service packages beyond the base for renting a unit.

Independent Living

Independent Living is designed for seniors who are able to care for themselves independently, but who wish to live in an environment that provides communal services and activities such as dining, and recreational opportunities.  Many retirement communities feature separate apartments or cottages and include community pools, exercise and social halls.  Generally, these facilities would include three meals a day, weekly housekeeping and weekly linen service as part of their rental rates.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a homelike residential living option for individuals who need some assistance with daily activities, but don’t require skilled facility care.

The types of services offered in assisted living centers vary depending on state requirements and company policies.  Most assisted living centers offer personalized apartments, community dining rooms, and scheduled social and recreational opportunities in addition to offering varying levels of assistance with activities of daily living.

Alzheimers Care Facilities

Alzheimer’s Care Facilities are licensed as Assisted Living but have specific physical plant and service characteristics to specialize in care of those with Alzheimer’s or dementia needs.  These facilities will have special security systems and motion sensors to prevent residents from leaving the facility.  Activities are designed to keep the mind active and to slow or stop further progression of the disease.  Alzheimer’s Care Facilities licensed as Assisted Living are different from those Skilled Nursing Facilities (see below) that also provides Alzheimer’s care.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing facilities are designed for residents who require 24-hour supervisory nursing care.  These facilities are also sometimes referred to as nursing homes.  Skilled nursing facilities are staffed by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants.  Residents live in single or shared rooms, and usually dine together in a community dining room.

Campus Communities

Campus Communities create the opportunity to create cross-functioning synergies with the development of the multiple product types listed above.   Incorporating senior apartments, villas, assisted living, memory care, and/or other care facilities adjacent to one another, creates a continuum of care community that offers a variety of senior living needs and styles.